To subscripe to Paltalk , please follow the following steps:
  • Deposit the required amount in one of the available Bank Accounts (choose the country to list them down)
  • Apply for the service (Follow the Steps Below).
  • till we verify your deposit (Up to 6 hours), and get the job done for you - You can apply for a Cashna Card to avoid waiting OR visit our paltalk room,
    If you apply online, please do not contact our resellers, we will email you back

Notes Paltalk, will prompt you to enter the secret answer for the first login after subscription. Nicks subscriped through PADEEL will not be prompted to enter the secret answer

 To see the Resller for your country :   Click Here

 Special Nickname Conditions :   Click Here

 Room Subscription
  • Customized Ad in the room banner.
  • no popup ads.
  • distinctive colour (green, Blue)
  • Ultimate Rooms: 1000+ users, Owner nick is Gold Option of using Arabic charaters in room name
  • elegibility to show in featured section (conditions apply)
 Nick Subscription
  • Blue: Color, No Ads, Clear Voice, Moving Cam
  • Green: as above, clearer cam, add up to 1000 pals.
  • VIP: As above, perfect cam, VIP Tag
 Special Nicks
  • Arabic (unicode) nicks
  • ( conditions apply )
  • Less than 5 Character Nicks
  • All comes with free 1 year green subscription
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